Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great honour that I address you today informing you of my experience with the African Academy and where I am now in life because of the AA.

When I applied at African Academy in 2006 for the year 2007 , I was not accepted. Not because the college was trying to punish me although that is what it felt like at the time for me, but because the college always had high standards and they needed the correct students to be admitted. By correct, I mean students that have the ability to do the course and pass it successfully.

I was not accepted at the time because I was not the correct applicant at that time. Actually the AA would have done me a disfavour had they accepted me. It took me some time to be honest to myself and realise this. I eventually accepted this reality but with perseverance, I decided to apply for the bridging course and that is where my story begins.

The bridging course enables one to acquire the abilities to manage the course and by studying hard one can successfully pass the course, the perfect example being myself.

It is all about making very small important decisions for the betterment of your life and your future. Decisions to wake up on time, to read more, to study instead of having a beer with friends …etc. is what makes the difference and leads to success. Based on this, I decided to change my mindset and make the right decisions that will help me accomplish my goals, because the truth is we always know what to do but cannot bring ourselves to do this for some reason.

The reality is if you chose not to make the right decision, success may not be attainable. You need to stop creating reasons and excuses to avoid what you need to do, stop asking how you have to do it and stop blaming others. There is no easy way to success but perseverance, commitment and dedication. Acknowledging this truth helped me in getting to where I am today.

I completed the bridging course at the AA and proceeded to complete the Basic Draughting course. To enable me to have a better opportunity at gaining employment, I decided to also do the Project Management course at the AA.

This enabled me to acquire employment as an AutoCAD and Revit 3D Design drawing office manager at Mekan Engineering Services, Aconsult and as an HVAC engineering draughtsperson at Aurecon Group. I worked for a several years in Industry which gave me immense experience and boosted my abilities.

Having inherent entrepreneurial attributes in me, I decided to embark on establishing my own company. I felt I was ready for this due to all the experience I gained whilst being employed in Industry.

I can now proudly say that I am now the founder and major shareholder of LegenDraw (Pty) Ltd.

My success in the draughting industry was featured on SABC 1 in a television show called ISPANI which profiles different careers that young people can get into. I was also profiled as a successful Alumni by the African Academy the Newspaper.

I now employ seven young people who work as draughtsmen in my company LegenDraw company and worked on projects for HVAC and engineering companies such as Aurecon, Mekan and Shamus Rennie. I am also very passionate about training more young people to gain working experience and skills in draughting thereby enhancing their futures.

None of all that I have said today would have been possible if it not were for the AA. The people of AA are dedicated, committed and really go out of their way to make sure we succeed, despite giving us a hard time to achieve this.

I am very grateful to the AA for everything they have given to me. I wish Industry recognises the AA more and more.

God Bless the AA

Thank you